Toyota’s TRAC Program

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Nestled in the picturesque coastal town of Rockland, Maine, Shepard Toyota is proud to introduce the Toyota TRAC Program, a groundbreaking initiative that redefines the car ownership experience. This program is a beacon of reliability and assurance for Toyota enthusiasts in and around Rockland.

a couple is next to a broken down car, and one person is calling someone on the phone

Pioneering the TRAC Program

Transforming Car Ownership

The Toyota TRAC Program, an acronym for Toyota Roadside Assistance Coverage, marks a significant shift in car ownership. At Shepard Toyota, we believe buying a Toyota is the start of a lasting relationship. The TRAC Program enhances this bond, offering a new level of confidence and care.

Your Safety Net in Rockland and Beyond

The TRAC Program’s extensive roadside assistance is a highlight, providing support on Rockland’s scenic routes and Maine’s diverse highways. From emergency jump-starts to towing services, Toyota owners can travel with the assurance of round-the-clock assistance.

a couple is next to a broken down car, and one person is calling someone on the phone

a Toyota technician services a vehicle, inspecting tire.

Extensive Coverage

Your Companion Across Maine

Understanding the adventurous spirit of Toyota owners, the TRAC Program offers nationwide coverage. This ensures that wherever your travels take you —from the rugged landscapes of Maine to the far reaches of the country — Toyota’s reliable roadside assistance is always within reach.

Dependable Assistance Anytime, Anywhere

The TRAC Program’s 24/7 support mirrors the non-stop nature of your journeys. Shepard Toyota guarantees that help is always a phone call away, whether you face a breakdown at midnight or a flat tire at dawn.

A Toyota Service Technician working on a tire.

Integrated with ToyotaCare

A Comprehensive Maintenance Solution

At Shepard Toyota, we aim to provide a holistic ownership experience. The TRAC Program’s integration with ToyotaCare ensures not only reliable roadside assistance but also regular maintenance services, offering a seamless and worry-free ownership journey.

A Testament to Loyalty

The TRAC Program is exclusively available to Toyota owners, highlighting Toyota’s dedication to customer loyalty. As a valued member of the Shepard Toyota family, you join a community that prioritizes your safety and satisfaction.

A Toyota Service Technician working on a tire.

Shepard Toyota’s Commitment

Delivering Exceptional Service in Rockland

As Rockland’s premier Toyota dealership, Shepard Toyota is committed to offering more than just vehicles. The TRAC Program is a testament to our dedication to providing an exceptional ownership experience, ensuring Toyota owners in Rockland enjoy a seamless and enjoyable journey.

The Toyota TRAC Program at Shepard Toyota in Rockland, Maine, is more than a roadside assistance plan; it’s a commitment to your safety, satisfaction, and peace of mind. Experience the confidence and adventure that comes with the TRAC Program, and let Shepard Toyota be your trusted partner on the road.

Embrace a New Era of Car Ownership with Toyota’s TRAC Program at Shepard Toyota in Rockland, Maine

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